Behind the Scenes with Jill Schwarzkopf of Sleep Tight Kids

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In one of my Junior League of Asheville (JLA) meetings, I learned that Asheville has more non-profits per capita than any other city. Unfortunately, in this small North Carolina mountain town, we have a lot of needs that aren’t being met, but thankfully, non-profits are stepping in to support our community! I’ve learned a ton about non-profits through JLA, but through my connections at work, I learned about a wonderful nonprofit: Sleep Tight Kids (STK). Jill Schwarzkopf felt called to do more in 2009 when she was teaching in Western North Carolina. Realizing her family was blessed to have so much; she wanted to find a way … Read More

Intentions for the New Year

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As the year comes to a close, setting goals and intentions for the upcoming year is one of my favorite things to do. Not that you can’t reflect and set new goals throughout the year, it’s just more fun to start at the beginning. I recently saw a quote from a new friend from Junior League that resonated with me… “Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time’, try saying ‘It’s not a priority’ and see how that feels.” This year, I want to make a choice to simplify (quoting Emily Ley!). There is enough time, it is just a matter of prioritizing that … Read More

Behind the Scenes with Chelsea Larson of Chelsea Benay, LLC

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I am a huge HGTV fan. I love dreaming of future homes and designs that could one day (hopefully!) be my own. Due to this love of design, I was so excited when I met Chelsea Larson, an interior designer in Asheville. When I met her, she was in the midst of launching her own design company, Chelsea Benay, LLC. I was inspired by her creativity and drive to launch her own business and am thrilled at the success and recognition she has received so far. Chelsea was recently featured in Carolina Home + Garden Magazine about her business and design aesthetics, sharing that her, … Read More

3 Benefits of Barre

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With the increased public interest in ballet as shown with Misty Copeland partnering with the major athletic label Under Armour (Congrats on your promotion, Misty!!), it’s no surprise that ballet-inspired workouts are rising in popularity. [Although, I have to preface this post with a note that none of these classes are in any way a ballet class. There are no true feet and arm positions, y’all!] In Charlottesville, PureBarre has been joined by B.Core and Barre.[d], I’ve been to Pop Physique in Baltimore for some bachelorette party fun, and a few months ago, the BarreAmp workout has joined PureBarre in Asheville. So. Many. … Read More

Link Love Friday: #1


Guys, summer is so close I can taste it! It’s finally Memorial Day weekend and it couldn’t come a moment too soon… the spring weather has been wonderful in Asheville and I’ve shaken off the late-winter blues and pulled out all my summer dresses and shorts. I’m ready for summer adventures to begin! My sister and her husband are visiting us in Asheville starting tonight and we have been looking forward to this visit for so long! We have so much fun planned – from breweries to hikes – and we can’t wait to get started. How is your week … Read More

9 Podcasts for Your Commute

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When I was in college, my communication professor told us businesses use podcasts as a tool within their marketing strategy. Since then, perhaps, I’ve viewed podcasts as educational and not as much for enjoyment. Sarah Koenig changed all that for me when she drew us in to the mysteries of Adnan Syed and the murder of Hae Min Lee in the Serial Podcast. I typically work from home, but I’m working to get on a better morning routine. Instead of just rolling out of bed and immediately sitting down at my desk, I was thinking it would be great to have some “commuting time” between … Read More

What I’m Looking Forward To: March

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I can’t believe March has arrived. Raise your hand if you are overwhelmed we are already 2 months into 2015?! I sure am! Although the winter can be beautiful, I’m thrilled we are moving toward… SPRING Twenty more days until Spring begins. Winter is my least favorite season… I don’t mind the snow, but having to bundle up all the time and have the wind burn my skin is not how I like to live. The sunshine makes me fall in love with Asheville again – there’s so much to do when you can walk around outside!!   BACHELORETTE IN BALTIMORE I am so … Read More



Three things I’m loving for cold weather downtime: GOOGLE CHROMECAST. Do any of you use this? It’s amazing. We don’t have regular television, so we  watch a lot of shows online through Netflix or their respective channel sites. We used to set up the computer near the TV and always had issues with volume switching from the computer to the television (#firstworldproblem). Now with one click, whatever screen we are viewing on our phone, tablet or computer connects to the TV in seconds. Technology FTW. My brother-in-law bought this for my sister at Christmas, but I didn’t realize how magical it … Read More

Working at Home on a Snow Day

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It’s snowing again! Yippee! I still love snow days, although probably a little less than when I was younger. I haven’t played in the snow in a long time; I’m more the stay inside with a glass of wine and read a book kind of girl. If it has to be cold though, it might as well snow! Otherwise, I’m rooting for Spring to arrive. For the past year and a half, my work requires me to work from home for the majority of the time. Turns out.. when you work from home, snow days are just regular days (with pretty views). It’s a little … Read More