Behind the Scenes with Lauren Woodard of Bloom Counseling & Consulting

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This past week was a huge one for Lauren ddard. Not only did she celebrate her one year anniversary of rocking her #girlboss status, but she placed on Mountain Express’ Best of WNC! Lauren is the Owner/Founder at Lauren Woodard, LCSW: Bloom Counseling and Consulting. She opened up her practice full time in March of this year to help adults and youth in our community deal with life changes. I was curious to learn more about Lauren’s path to entrepreneurship and am excited to share a bit of her story through this interview below. Her generous spirit has inspired her to go … Read More

Behind the Scenes with Jill Schwarzkopf of Sleep Tight Kids

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In one of my Junior League of Asheville (JLA) meetings, I learned that Asheville has more non-profits per capita than any other city. Unfortunately, in this small North Carolina mountain town, we have a lot of needs that aren’t being met, but thankfully, non-profits are stepping in to support our community! I’ve learned a ton about non-profits through JLA, but through my connections at work, I learned about a wonderful nonprofit: Sleep Tight Kids (STK). Jill Schwarzkopf felt called to do more in 2009 when she was teaching in Western North Carolina. Realizing her family was blessed to have so much; she wanted to find a way … Read More

Behind the Scenes with Chelsea Larson of Chelsea Benay, LLC

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I am a huge HGTV fan. I love dreaming of future homes and designs that could one day (hopefully!) be my own. Due to this love of design, I was so excited when I met Chelsea Larson, an interior designer in Asheville. When I met her, she was in the midst of launching her own design company, Chelsea Benay, LLC. I was inspired by her creativity and drive to launch her own business and am thrilled at the success and recognition she has received so far. Chelsea was recently featured in Carolina Home + Garden Magazine about her business and design aesthetics, sharing that her, … Read More

Behind the Scenes with Meg Ragland of Plum Print

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I’m excited to start a new series on my blog focused on getting to know inspiring professionals in Asheville, NC and beyond. When brainstorming who I wanted to interview for this series, I immediately thought of Meg Ragland, who, along with her cousin Carolyn Lanzetta, started a growing company that successfully raised a million dollars from venture capitalists and angel investors in January of this year! Meg Ragland and Carolyn Lanzetta are co-founders of Plum Print, with headquarters and production studios based at the Small Business Incubator at A-B Tech in Asheville. Plum Print digitizes art, including photos and schoolwork, and organizes the … Read More

Live Video Streaming for Business: Periscope & Blab


For business’ looking for a new way to tell their story, live streaming is a powerful way to connect with your audience from a different perspective. From behind the scenes experiences and off-the-cuff Q&A sessions to industry news and live product demos, video has the ability to connect us beyond an image or a text blog post. Though video is not a new concept to marketing, this year we’ve seen exciting new products and improvements. Beyond Youtube and podcasts, in general, the top video live-streaming tools that are currently battling for marketers attention are Google Hangouts, Meerkat, Periscope and Blab. Google Hangouts has … Read More

3 Instagram Tips for Business

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I am completely geeking out about our trip to San Francisco. San Francisco and Silicon Valley are tech hubs and I love the energy of the area – though I’ve never visited before! Over the past weekend, I watched The Social Network about Facebook and The Internship about Google. I am enamored with all the amazing tech start-ups and successful businesses. I’m even learning HTML5 through Udemy (another San Fran tech company) as I try to learn how to add on custom features to this blog! In honor of our trip, I wanted to write a marketing post about one of my favorite social networks … Read More

The Entrepreneurial Woman & 6 Business Books to Add To Your Reading List

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I recently joined the Young Professionals of Asheville and attended a lunch and learn focused on Women Entrepreneurs in Asheville. Laura Webb, President of Webb Investment Services, Inc. moderated the panel of previous recipients of the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Women Entrepreneurs Award. The panel at the presentation included Becky Cannon, President of i play, Drue Ray, VP of SimplyHome, and Julie Stehling, Co-Owner of Early Girl Eatery and King Daddy’s Chicken and Waffle. They discussed the challenges that come with owning a business. Owning a business is far more than just having an idea and creating a product. It requires you to wear every hat … Read More

9 Podcasts for Your Commute

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When I was in college, my communication professor told us businesses use podcasts as a tool within their marketing strategy. Since then, perhaps, I’ve viewed podcasts as educational and not as much for enjoyment. Sarah Koenig changed all that for me when she drew us in to the mysteries of Adnan Syed and the murder of Hae Min Lee in the Serial Podcast. I typically work from home, but I’m working to get on a better morning routine. Instead of just rolling out of bed and immediately sitting down at my desk, I was thinking it would be great to have some “commuting time” between … Read More

Blog Update: Custom Pin It Buttons


Hey y’all! My blog is a complete work in progress. I chose a free template that sort of aligned with the direction I’d like the blog design to go and then jumped in headfirst to the world of WordPress’ plugins and editor tools. Thanks to forums and how-to’s I think I’ve been pretty successful with the changes I’ve made so far. I’ve relearned the old (or technically, fairly recent) adage, “if you don’t know how to do something, Google It.” One of the things I was most excited about doing was creating a custom Pin It button. I love when … Read More