Link Love Friday: #1


Guys, summer is so close I can taste it! It’s finally Memorial Day weekend and it couldn’t come a moment too soon… the spring weather has been wonderful in Asheville and I’ve shaken off the late-winter blues and pulled out all my summer dresses and shorts. I’m ready for summer adventures to begin!

My sister and her husband are visiting us in Asheville starting tonight and we have been looking forward to this visit for so long! We have so much fun planned – from breweries to hikes – and we can’t wait to get started. How is your week going? Are you feeling inspired and motivated?

Enjoy this weekend and take moments to seriously unplug, turn your brain off and just enjoy the warm sunshine!


Lovely links to inspire us this weekend… 

– Looking for a bright computer background to lift your spirits at work? Here it is on DesignLoveFest. I love the floral!

26 foods even more fun on a stick. Style Me Pretty Living wants you to have the best Memorial Day BBQ.

Calligraphy love – my friend Amanda from Champagne Revelry has an awesome new site for her calligraphy work!

– The career profiles are my favorite part of TheEverygirl and with my addiction to HGTV this interior designer interview is the best!

– In Asheville, everyone cares about bike lanes… but who is petitioning for duck lanes!?

– I love my morning fix – theSkimm. Here are their guides to know what’s going on in our world.

– I’m new to the world of the Bachelorette, this is only my 3rd season watching and they are 11 seasons in. HGTV star, ex-bachelorette Jillian Harris always has a great perspective to share on the “reality tv” business.

– Home rituals that don’t exist anymore… technology is taking over.

– Living in North Carolina, quilts are a treasured craft. Design*Sponge shares modern quilt trends.

– Waking up on the wrong side of the bed? Try these tricks to wake up in a good mood!

– It’s been 5 years since I graduated from college and everyone can use a good Beyonce-inspired “motivational” speech.

– If you are feeling burned out and looking for balance, this episode of the Lively Show with the author of The Fringe Hours is the perfect first step.

– I try to update my LinkedIn profile every once in a while, it’s important for career growth and visibility.

– My friend Charo, who works by day as a full-time accountant and is on her fourth season with the Redskins cheerleaders, needed something to do in her “spare” time, so she started this wonderful clothing boutique.

– Exercise makes us happy and healthy. It’s simple, really. And our First Lady of the United States knows that.

Happy Friday! xoxo

Sarah Kiomall