On The Menu: Green Breakfast Smoothie


I love to start the morning off with something delicious and filling that doesn’t weigh me down and doesn’t encourage a late morning nap as some breakfast items tend to do.

I started making this green breakfast smoothie a few years ago after finding a recipe online and absolutely love it. The hardest part about making this smoothie is cleaning the blender!

I can’t remember the exact recipe I used in the beginning, but based on some quality Google searches, I believe my recipe was inspired by Angela’s Classic Green Monster recipe at Oh She Glows! I typically don’t have chia seeds or ground flax in the pantry, but I do have greek yogurt. I’ve learned to work with what I have in the house for this recipe. The recipe calls for peanut butter, milk (almond milk or whatever you have in your refrigerator), greek yogurt (plain, but I used vanilla), a banana (frozen if you remember the night before), two big handfuls (or more) of spinach, and ice (if you haven’t frozen your banana).


  • 1 Banana (Fresh or Frozen)
  • ½ Cup Almond Milk
  • 1 Cup Greek Yogurt (Plain or Vanilla)
  • 2 Giant Handfuls of Spinach
  • 1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter
  • Ice (As Needed)

Step 1 - Gather your ingredients  Step 1 - Gather your ingredients 3  Step 1 - Gather the ingredients 2

Toss all the items directly into the blender and blend away. Most people recommend adding the liquid ingredients first to help the blender operate at its best. I typically have to open the blender after a few seconds to push down the spinach that is stuck on the blender wall, as well. The goal is to mix the spinach so well that you don’t taste it and you don’t have opportunity to get spinach pieces stuck in your teeth!

Step 2 - Throw them in the blender  Step 3 - Blend  Step 4 - Blend more

Once it is blended, just pour into a glass (or two) and enjoy. I rarely measure the ingredients, so sometimes I have enough to fill one glass and sometimes enough to fill two! While it looks green and less appetizing than a strawberry smoothie, for example, it is so delicious. It tastes just like peanut butter and banana, which could pass as an okay breakfast, but it has double the greens you may typically eat for breakfast!

Step 5 - Enjoy  Green-Spinach-Smoothie-Recipe  Step 5 - drink

Do you have a favorite green smoothie?

Let me know. I’d like to mix this one up with tested recipe variations.