What I’m Looking Forward To: March

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I can’t believe March has arrived. Raise your hand if you are overwhelmed we are already 2 months into 2015?! I sure am! Although the winter can be beautiful, I’m thrilled we are moving toward… SPRING Twenty more days until Spring begins. Winter is my least favorite season… I don’t mind the snow, but having to bundle up all the time and have the wind burn my skin is not how I like to live. The sunshine makes me fall in love with Asheville again – there’s so much to do when you can walk around outside!!   BACHELORETTE IN BALTIMORE I am so … Read More

Breaking Glass – Promoting Women in Dance


Earlier this month, I had the pleasure to travel to New York City with my parents to see my sister perform with her dance company DEVIATED THEATRE as part of the Breaking Glass Project. I didn’t know much about the performance as we were driving up – only that Dana’s choreographer, Kimmie Dobbs Chan, was selected as a female choreographer to present her work and Dana was super excited for this performance. We met with Dana’s fiancé’s parents for dinner before the show and then headed to the performance venue, Symphony Space.   The Breaking Glass project was developed by ELSCO Dance, directed by Ellenore Scott(she … Read More

JMU Alumni Dance Concert


The dance program at James Madison University is no longer in asbestos-filled Godwin Hall, but rather in the swanky and contemporary Forbes Performing Arts Center across from the quad. This past weekend, my dance company, Dogwood Dance Project, along with other JMU dance alum performed at Forbes and shared insights into what they have done post graduation. I was able to hear about the dance companies and opportunities the JMU dance majors have landed or created for themselves in a panel and am proud of the achievements of these 355 ladies. UpRooted Dance directed by Keira Hart-Mendoza UpRooted Dance began with the idea of … Read More

First Fridays: Thompson and Trammell Dance Company


A Charlottesville dance icon, Miki Liszt, with her company presents the First Fridays dance series to showcase small contemporary dance companies and individual choreographers. After the performance, the dancers or choreographers invite the audience to participate in a discussion about the performance. In my experience, this is one of the best parts of the evening, as the crowd is very open to modern dance and willing to share how the work(s) made them feel. First Fridays in October was particularly wonderful as the performance featured two professors from James Madison University.  Cynthia Thompson and Kate Trammell of thompson and trammell presented two solo works with very … Read More

Dancer Spotlight: Kate Folsom


I danced with Kate in college at James Madison University and we performed together in the Virginia Repertory Dance Company. She graduated in 2011 and has already immersed herself within the D.C. dance community. Over the summer, Kate was temporarily serving as the Interim Executive Administrator and this month is starting as Programs Associate at Dance/USA, the national service organization for professional dance. With Dance/USA you helped plan the 2012 Annual Conference in San Francisco. What were the top lessons you learned in planning an arts conference?  April Gruber, Director of Programs, and myself inherited a lot of work initiated by other people. … Read More

Insights from Choreographer Christopher K. Morgan


Typically when we go to dance shows, we watch the dances and make up our own ideas about the work to figure out what it means to us. There isn’t a whole lot of understanding about how the piece came to be or what it was inspired by as we sit in the theater. In my experience, having the opportunity to talk to the choreographer or dancers can be eye opening, as you may not have looked at the work from their perspective. While beneficial, it’s not often that you have the chance to hear the choreographers’ perspective about what … Read More

Christopher K. Morgan & Artists: Limited Visibility


What do we hide from public view? Are we different people when we are behind closed doors? Christopher K. Morgan & Artists explore this idea in the evening length work, Limited Visibility. Limited Visibility exposes and brings to light the secrets and emotions held closest to us as the dancers investigate methods of sharing personal moments with the audience. Morgan worked with the dancers to look within to reveal their struggles and create movement and themes that those watching will be able to connect with in some way. “Each of us – performers and audience members alike – has struggles with our identity, family, … Read More

Company E and the Imperfect Dancers Company of Italy


Nothing about dance speaks to me quite as much as the ‘universal language’ aspect of the art form. Be it traditional, cultural dance or more disciplined and technical dance, it is universally understood because anyone, anywhere can do it. I don’t think any other performing art can transcend language and cultural barriers in quite the same way because everyone on earth was born with the tools for dance—their own body and a drive to move in their everyday lives. Recognizing how dance can be a tool for international education and communication, acclaimed choreographer and artistic director Paul Gordon Emerson has … Read More

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company presents “Story/Time”, a work in progress


The Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company performed at the University of Virginia as part of a three-part residency at UVA, in Charlottesville, VA. This evening, I was able to witness one of the modern dance greats speak about art – dance and choreography –  and perform with his dance company as part of a work in progress showing at UVA. As I watched Bill T. Jones before the performance standing on the side of the stage before the show, I was struck by the sheer honor it was to be in his presence and thankfulness for the gift he has … Read More

CityDance Ensemble presents “Hold Your Breath Until the End”


Whenever I see CityDance perform, I am on a dance high… I want to get out of my seat, dance their choreography and perform with their same intense quality. I left the CityDance concert at the Cultural Arts Center in Silver Spring on Saturday, February 26th feeling inspired. I wanted to choreograph and move. The show consisted of several world premieres from the beginning of an evening length piece by Christopher K. Morgan, one of Dance Magazines Choreographers to Watch (look for the article in April), to pieces by winners of the 2011 CityDance NEXT Commission for upcoming choreographers. The first piece, Roger and Lucie, was a funny love duet between Jason … Read More