The Summer of the West Coast: Seattle

Saraheat, wander

Here we are, one week into autumn. While I absolutely love fall weather, pumpkin lattes and colorful leaves, I am sad to see summer come to a close. My husband and I had an amazing summer filled with new adventures. With all of our traveling to the west coast, I discovered that I may love the west coast more than the east coast. I don’t know if I have a strong enough case study quite yet, but there’s something wonderful in the air… or it could truly be the joy from fulfilling my wanderlust!

Anyways, we loved our super short Seattle visit! We first headed downtown to catch up with our friend Cady and tour Amazon! What a beautiful office — and we absolutely loved the mini golf and the rooftop deck. If I worked at Amazon, I could definitely get used to the view. We could see boats sailing around Lake Union — we even saw a few seaplanes taking off!amazon-office-seattleCady recommended that we check out Tesla down the street and an awesome pizza place for lunch! Serious Pie was exactly what we needed. So delicious and what a cool space.serious-pie-seattleWe found an AirBnb in Green Lake that was close to a bus line to downtown. It was such a great neighborhood and there were plenty of shops and restaurants near the lake. As it was an unusually warm day, there were tons of young people at the park playing all sorts of games. What a beautiful lake! We didn’t want to walk home with this view.seattleBrent lived near Seattle when he was stationed at Fort Lewis and for a while after he left the Army. We explored a few spots he remembered and did some touristy things (Pike Place Market: the gum wall, The Pike Brewery, etc.) he didn’t do while he lived close by. It was fun to get to see places from his adventures before he came back to the east coast.Seattle_Gum-Wall-and-Seattle-Brewing-CoWe were excited to be able to meet up with my friend (and my mom’s friend from high school) — Jeff. Jeff drove us to check out the fish ladder (sans fish) and the Hiram M. Chittenden locks. The water level of Lake Union is higher than the salt waters of the Puget Sound, so the locks are a link between the two waterways. The boats enter the lock and the water levels rise or lower depending on the boats direction before the boat can continue on its way. It was really cool to see this taking place. It happens fairly quickly, but it is a bit complicated when there is more than one boat trying to fit in each lock. After visiting the locks, we went to one of Jeff’s favorite fish and chips restaurant across from the park. Delicious!Seattle-Ballard-LocksSeattle_Ballard-Locks-and-Fish-LadderThe last big adventure we had was taking a boat cruise tour of Seattle. I loved being on the water and learning a bit about Seattle and the shipping docks. Of course, I also loved that you could buy a drink on this boat cruise. I tried Seattle Cider Co.‘s semi-sweet cider and loved it. I am a sucker for packaging, so I naturally loved their branding and can design. The views from the boat were beautiful and you can just barely see Mount Rainier in the photo on the right. It was much more prominent in real life!Seattle_Boat-CruiseSeattle was a wonderful whirlwind trip and it was not the gloomy, rainy city I envisioned. I can’t wait for another chance to go back! Have you traveled to Seattle? What is your favorite thing about the city?