Three things I’m loving for cold weather downtime:


Do any of you use this? It’s amazing. We don’t have regular television, so we
Yes-Please-Quote watch a lot of shows online through Netflix or their respective channel sites. We used to set up the computer near the TV and always had issues with volume switching from the computer to the television (#firstworldproblem). Now with one click, whatever screen we are viewing on our phone, tablet or computer connects to the TV in seconds. Technology FTW. My brother-in-law bought this for my sister at Christmas, but I didn’t realize how magical it was until we took one home!


Amy Poehler’s memoir is exactly what is needed to get you out of a cold weather funk. Amy (yes, we are on first name basis) is perfectly witty and motivating in her storytelling about her life and career. I definitely teared up watching the final Parks and Rec., which she talks a lot about in her book. I get pretty upset when my favorite shows end (Parenthood, anyone?!?!), but Daryl Lindsey’s post on The Everygirl Life Lessons from Leslie Knope plus Amy Poehler’s insight into actual Parks and Rec memories is a great way to wrap up a fantastic show. Amy has faced a lot of challenges, but has created wonderful opportunities for herself by networking with America’s funniest people. I can’t wait to see what is next for her.

One of my favorite sections of the book so far is her description of writing and performing The Palin Rap moments before she had a baby! Get it.


I watched a few episodes about a year ago, but tend to get grossed out easily, so I never kept up. My husband successfully finished reading Harry Potter, so he picked this as our next book series after a recommendation from a friend. We are both on book 2 – A Clash of Kings – and are watching the show as we go along. So far, it’s been pretty spot on. It makes me wish they filmed Harry Potter as a television show instead of having to cut a zillion plot lines to make it fit in a movie length. Oh well. Even though I don’t consider Game of Thrones A+ writing, the story line caught my interest and I want to see where it goes. Tyrion Lannister and Arya Stark are my favorite characters, but I also love Jon Snow & Bran Stark. I know a lot of people are hooked on the TV series (and are probably way ahead of me), so who’s your favorite character?