Working at Home on a Snow Day

Sarahcat, dwell

It’s snowing again! Yippee! I still love snow days, although probably a little less than when I was younger. I haven’t played in the snow in a long time; I’m more the stay inside with a glass of wine and read a book kind of girl. If it has to be cold though, it might as well snow! Otherwise, I’m rooting for Spring to arrive.

For the past year and a half, my work requires me to work from home for the majority of the time. Turns out.. when you work from home, snow days are just regular days (with pretty views). It’s a little less fun, but I still love making hot chocolate and curling up to watch the snow fall.

Whether we end up getting substantial snow or not, I’ll be working in my home office with my office assistant, Pappy, who will be completing his assignment of sleeping on the bed next to me.

My husband and I recently updated our office, so it is “grown up” and organized. This involved a purchase of two matching office desks. Initially, I was dreaming of a Parsons white desk, but we would have to buy or create file cabinets, so it made sense to get these Pottery Barn desks with built in file cabinets and plenty of storage. I have it set up so one whole side is for work and the other side is for personal organization. Dreamy. (Did you see Claire Dunphy’s “Organizational Porn” Pinterest board on the latest episode of Modern Family? Loved that.)


Brent and I have serious wanderlust, so we bought a framed map for the wall and hung two clipboards from Target, so we can rotate the colors and design or clip up our to do lists! Right now they feature an image I printed at 7Ton Co. in West Asheville and an image I won in a Facebook contest from Navin Sarma Photography. I also have some great wedding inspiration books and magazines on the desk, along with our wedding cake topper of our little family.

I love this space and it makes me want to sit down and work! With that said, I better get to work. Enjoy your snow day (or work day)!